square plastic catering tray with sandwiches

Plastic Catering Trays

Our plastic catering trays are a safe and secure way of transporting your products. Available in various sizes, shapes, and materials, we offer traditional round options as well as rigid contemporary trays and silver platters. With new nesting features that allow for multi-size stacking, our trays provide a secure lid fit with no need for added tape or plastic wrap.

Pictured is a selection of our product in the category (in addition there is an expanded selection available because of our access to most manufacturers).


plastic catering tray with sandwiches small photo
empty square plastic catering tray
round plastic catering tray with sandwiches and lid
  • - PET, Styrene, and injected molded construction
  • - Secure lid fit and multi-size stacking
  • - Square, round, contemporary, and silver options